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Differences between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke

Differences between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke

Every day we are asked about the differences between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, so it is important to know the differences and how does the treatment differs!

Stroke is a serious medical condition that occurs when there is a blockage or rupture of the vessels responsible for bringing blood to the brain. Consequently, the affected region suffers paralysis.

Stroke: Why does brain paralysis occur?

Paralysis occurs because the brain needs to function properly, so it demands oxygen and certain nutrients that are derived from the blood.  Thus, when there is a disruption of blood flow, brain cells degenerate, generating various brain damage, which can also cause the individual’s death.

In Brazil, Stroke is the main cause of death due to disability – 130 thousand people die from stroke and by 2030 there is a possibility that the number will increase to 7.8 million people. Thus, there is a need for a immediate treatment for the disease.

There are two types of stroke: hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke. Next, understand the difference between them, the causes, symptoms and treatment.

Hemorrhagic stroke

Hemorrhagic stroke is the least common type of stroke that occurs, however, still severe. The occurrence arises due to the rupture of a blood vessel that is located inside the skull of the individual, generating an inflammation at the affected area, as the blood contacts the nervous brain tissue. This inflammation causes damage to the brain function.

Hemorrhagic stroke: causes

The main cause of hemorrhagic stroke is hypertension and the main factors that increase blood pressure are:

  • – Stress;
  • – Obesity (overweight);
  • – Excessive alcohol intake;
  • – Physical inactivity;
  • – Smoking.
Hemorrhagic stroke: symptoms

The main symptoms are:

  • – Numbness of the hands, feet and face;
  • – Sudden paralysis on one side of the body;
  • – Very severe headache;
  • – partial or total loss of vision;
  • – Difficulty to speak and to comprehend;
  • – Loss of balance, dizziness and sudden difficulty of walking.
Ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke is the most common type and it occurs due to the fact that there is a lack of blood flow to the brain. When this accident occurs, there is not a death of the brain tissue, but lacking blood supply quickly degenerates the region.

Ischemic stroke: causes

The main causes of ischemic stroke are:

– Arterial hypertension;

– Overuse of alcoholic beverages;

– Diabetes;

– High cholesterol level;

– Obesity;

– Smoking.

Ischemic stroke: symptoms

Symptoms of ischemic stroke are:

– Crooked mouth;

– Difficulty to swallow;

– Very severe headaches;

– Difficulty to speak and to comprehend;

– Dizziness;

– Loss of strength on one side of the body;

– Visual alterations.


To treat hemorrhagic stroke, physicians control the bleeding there is inside the patient’s brain, by decreasing the pressure applied to it.

Treatment for ischemic stroke consists to quickly restore blood flow to the individual’s brain.

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